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I am happy that you have found your way to my website!

My Name is Natalie, I am very nervous about added all this, but I really want to share this with you all! I hope this will show you I am not hiding behind a fake name for any reason...

This is my absolute passion! I love what I can do  <3

I am a fully registered company!

This can be seen on companies house with my name for proof :) 

All parents understand the excitement of bringing a baby into this world, but nothing compares to finding out what the gender of your baby is, it can help many parents bond more with their unborn baby (many reasons) but not forgetting it can also cause gender disappointment too. this is very common and very normal! if you have a strong desire for a certain gender then please think twice before having a Nub reading. 

My accuracy rate is pretty impressive! I love receiving all the confirmation emails daily! this truly makes my day! :) but there are times i do get it wrong, this is mostly down to early gestation in which the accuracy is stated to be lower, if i am not confident on you babies gender, whether it be a partial nub, even though I see other gender markers or no nub visible i will always fully refund you and explain why.

From being a young child and growing up I've always wanted to be around babies or children, which led me to do child development for my GCSE'S and volunteering to be a nursery nurse in the summer holidays after I did this for work experience. I left school but then took a different path. I graduated as a qualified IT technician! but overall this is were I didn't want to be.


Soon after In 2011 I fell pregnant with my first baby, I was so eager to find out the gender! I searched the internet looking for all the old wife’s tales to try and get an indication, then one day I come across the Nub Theory, it was not very popular back then but it made sense, its science! I became very interested in learning how it all works. I couldn't use nub theory this time as the nub wasn't visible in my scan :( 

I then became pregnant with my 2nd child, at my dating scan (12 week 3 days) I used the method on myself. The scan goes so fast when your trying to look for the nub, but all the indicators pointed to a girl! I had this later confirmed at a private clinic, 5 months later my daughter was born. I was over the moon! Could my way of looking at scans be accurate!

During the time I was off with my daughter I carried on learning, I looked at peoples scans nearly every day through varies platforms, and getting it right! at this time I owned my own Facebook Nub group getting over 16k members from the few years, unfortunately l am no longer part of this due to my group being hacked!

so I had to start all over! (now over 20k members again!) You can get free guesses on these groups, however I am offering a full service for you. I decided to turn my hobby into work, that I love! I can now stay at home with my young children <3

I then got the opportunity to work in a private scanning clinic as a scan buddy! looking at gender from a live setting was a bonus, working beside a sonographer I began to teach her the basics as she has never heard of this! and we tested it out! it was always proven correct! this made me realise this is were I want to be!

I then fell pregnant with my 3rd child in 2017 My dating scan was (12 weeks 6 day) within seconds I knew he was a boy! The next day I went to work and told my fellow sonographer to look and confirm! We looked at all angles and was sure I was having a Boy!!

Now 9 years into me doing this method I have had thousands and thousands of confirmed genders!

Nub theory is to be the most scientifically backed and highly accurate way of determining the gender! Ramzi theory is just for fun and skull theory has no accuracy.

keep this in mind.


Using this method so routinely and with such great results puts me in a unique position.

If you have a good ultrasound picture showing the genital tubercle (nub) along with the gestation then I can examine it and give you my best prediction of the gender. Although because I am not personally performing your ultrasound,

I can’t 100% guarantee you my prediction, However, if you are going to have someone form an opinion based on the Nub on your scan I feel I am one of the best for the job!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my web page​.


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No prediction is 100% until birth, but I strive in my personal accuracy with years of experience,

The information provided in your readings is The Nub Whisperer's content and opinion!

Current accuracy for Nub theory drawings are updated each month

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